Perumal Murugan's Book Burned

A group of Kerala artists and film veterans assembled at Kochi Muziris Biennale, yesterday to express support for Perumal Murugan. Mr Murugan, a novelist from Tamil Nadu (a southern state in India), is standing accused of depicting females in a bad light in his novel Mathorubhagan. The accusation comes from the present Indian leadership in Delhi. He wrote it four years ago.  

Happy New Year -My word for 2015

I don't have much quotes in my literary repertoire to fish out one easily and to use on such occasions like new year, anniversary or birthdays to inspire myself and others. One of the reasons for this drawback is I'm not a language person. By that I mean I haven't learned not much literature. There's a great connection between literature learning and inspiring quotes and writing too.

I learned about this drawback of mine when I joined a writing course. I'm a science person. A scientific mind always dwells on compressing ideas, say for eg. compressing an idea into a formula or an equation, where as a literary mind excels in expanding it into any volume. Literature encourages people to write pages after pages about a simple rose flower.

So I'm a person whose mind is confined within prescribed ways of thinking and trying to acquire a literary way of thinking and writing.  And that itself is my goal and motivation for 2015. I also heard psychological androgyny is essential for creative writing 

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