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Social Deprivation- The Fundamental Human Rights- Part 2

 What is  social deprivation and its tests to Humanrights that the UN guarantees? Canva Frame "Social deprivation is a persisting lack of minimally adequate opportunities for decent human contact or supportive human contact including interpersonal interaction, associative inclusion and interdependent care. Such deprivation is not exclusive to nor universal amongst economically deprived." What is social deprivation, in my understanding, is difficult to conceptualise in a single definition? It is a multi-faceted issue-various theory that stresses different aspects and concerns of it.  One  definition  is "In instances of social deprivation, particularly for children, social experiences tend to be less varied, and development may be delayed or hindered." An elaboration of their definitions leads to the conclusion that: "while the objective deprivation (poverty) in the world may change over time, relative deprivation will not, as long as social inequality persists

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