This is About Sara

This is About Sara Who is Sara?  Before talking about her, let me talk about weddings, marriage, and my blog by the same name.  My blog  About Weddings and Marriage is a blog I started years ago; I forgot the year.  My interest in it developed by the inexplicable consequences these two brings into every individual's life.  They make and break lives, sent men and women despondent. Two people entered the throne of their life as the happy man and woman amidst a cheerful crowd turn preposterous enemies and plan and execute the murder of the other, mostly women.   Some women prolong in this bondage that is comparable to the labour bondage that existed during legal slavery.  What is happening intrigues, bothers as well as inspires me.  The stories are never static, fresh, and evolve. I posted my ideas and observations on my blog, but due to other commitments, they got sparse.  Recently my interest took a spark of revival, the reason, the research I did for my story-Under the Bakula Tree,

Challenges of old age

  How are elderly women treated in our societies, and how do they take it?  The question is not prompted by one or two incidents. I site here two cases-- one from my personal experience the other from news in the public domain to enhance the concern.     I visited a family friend of mine last time I visited Kerala. The big family yard was partitioned among the three children; each built a two-story large home in each plot. The elated mother was chirpy in conversation; her warm smile hadn't faded away in the years. Why should a lucky woman live with all the children in front of her eyes? Sweet and honey when she talked about her children, their achievements and her husband. Photo: (not the original size) We settled over a cup of coffee in the newly furnished dining room when she began to pour her heart in front of me. Her chirpiness leaned into mumbling, eyes wet. Her husband took the centrepie

Teacher's Day

(From Public Domain Pictures) Teachers Day bring so many memories, good and bad. Some good memories: The last week in class 5, the top grade in my primary school.  We had assembled in a classroom.  It was customary for the headmaster to give us a pep talk in that assembly.; he was our maths teacher as well.  We were two in our class competing for the top position, myself and a boy, and it depended on who scored top in maths.   The headmaster would also make mention of the academic excellence on that occasion.  And he mentioned his disappointments in the learner's poor performances, then concluded his happiness in one learner who scored 100 %, that was me.  Whenever I think of teachers, the incident dawns on my memory.   Years pass on I joined the master's degree course at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa.  The orientation was for a week. On the first day, our professor told us, we should address each other by the first name.  I got a shock coming from a culture c

Ban of Triple Talaq in India and concerns over uniform civil code.

Image taken from : India's top court banned the disputed triple talaq that has been practised by Muslim men there citing it unconstitutional . 

What has really made a big change in your life?

What  made the big change in my life, what else, my marriage.  There is nothing unusual in saying that marriage makes epoch-making changes in the life of everyone, both men and women. However,  this varies according to the culture, you are born in and practice.  I mean how marriage changed me as an Indian woman would not be the same as how it affected a person living next door following a different set of cultural practices.  I am not saying one has advantages and the other is rot. All have challenges.   

What is our Skin Colour Logic?

In South Africa, Mmusi Maimane announced his candidacy for DA (Democratic Alliance)in the coming national election. 

Hopes in India's legal system

The Supreme Court's scrapping of the ‘draconian’ section 66A of the Information Technology act keeps hope in the Indian legal system as well in free spirited young Indians, for the scrapping was the outcome of a public litigation filed by a 21 year old, Shreya Singhal from Delhi . 

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