Delhi Incident- Rape a Punishment for Female Emancipation?

[Delhi girl is top on the agenda in every thinking persons's mind, for the time being.  In the present mayhem of the happenings, no body thinks that by hanging the six culprits, India is made safe for its females.  If we need a permanent solution to the Indian rape phenomenon, we have to look for its causes. Without finding the causes one cannot find the solutions. This post is an attempt to look into the possible causes of the Indian rape phenomenon]

The Delhi girl, termed a fighter (Nirbhaya) by the medical professionals who treated her in India after being violated by six men, who slit open her sex organ and intestine with their lethal organs and iron bars, in a moving private chartered bus she boarded on 16 December with a male friend at 9:30 p.m has finally lost her fight and caved in to death.  So 'she will not be a living dead' as projected by the opposition leader Sushma Swaraj in the Lok Sabha on Tuesday.  For availing better medical care or what, she was transferred to The Mount Elizabeth hospital, Singapore on 27 December, where she was pronounced dead on Saturday 29 December.  23 year old, she was a para-medical student from Dehra Dun, U.P who came to Delhi.

Rape is nothing new to India; it has been happening there for a long time, though puritans do not want to accept that, but instead claim India or Bharath, is the world's epicenter for morality; perhaps it was true at a time before they laid hands on its moral system and females.

Now it is vast spreading like a wildfire, why?

It is true that media-print and e-as well as social media, give them more exposures, much to the irritation of the country's moral masters who are at cohort with the ruling classes.  The ruling classes shut themselves away from the maddening crowd, the vote-banks, in their single obsession of authority and power.  The majority among the vote-banks are the females who struggle hard to make both ends meet.  The purpose of law and order that derives fodder from the corrupt rulers is to further keep the crowd away.   So there is little connection there between the rulers and the ruled; the ruled live uncared, oppressed, repressed and not bothered about. 

This disconnection between one and the other-the important and the unimportant- is not something central to the ruling system alone. In families too, almost all relationships are structured in the same mold.  It is a male sport to rape, abuse, control, oppress, repress, belittle and kill females (female feticide) and they do it with the full support of the important females.  It is deeply entrenched in their consciousness by religion, culture and tradition that females are basically vulgar, dirty, impure and waiting to jump fence at the slightest provocation and hence they be kept in position which is in every man's service to communities and the nation at large.  That keeps the nation in its rhythm.  Nobody is supposed to question a man when he ill-treats or abuses a  woman because he is simply doing his duty.  So even if an equality clause is written somewhere in the Constitution, it means nothing to the average Indian woman; woman organizations have hardly managed to educate them on such notions and instead educate them on the importance of keeping up with the national rhythm.

No cultural or legal recourse is possible for them for all institutions standing for them function on the above premise.  The Indian women have been suffering from this savage rape for generations by their own men, fellow women, society, community and rulers.  Change of rule from imperial dynasties, colonial oppressors to elected politicians have brought little impact on their lifestyle and social statuesque since the day oppression started in the land.

When people loose everything, it is natural that they do the unimaginable.

The Delhi protest is one such thing; the females of India made it possible; they were of all ages, of all professions; sellers, shop owners, artists,college lecturers; they spontaneously came out of their homes answering to their inner call to take part in that momentous event as though it had a significant bearing on their future. It caught the Indian government offhand.  When the protesters came out in numbers, the rulers did not send Police to keep watch on the hooligans who joined them from the rulers rank but to disperse and displace them, to remind them once again that they are the unimportant that should stay away from important spaces. 

Another impetus  to the protest came from the youth of the nation; there is no proper leadership and little direction there for the enlightened youth.  Though India has implemented economic liberalisation initiatives, its leadership has done very little to meet with the consequential social empowerment especially of the youth and the females. Indian market floods with products styled for a liberated people -eg.trouser and fancy female dresses.  Huge capitalists ventures flourishes on their manufacture and sale, yet the profiteers punish ladies who wear them on moral ground that they are turning 'Western'.  Any lady who undertakes initiatives on liberalization and progression has to suffer the wrath of the rulers, court, and female organizations; all in the name of morality.

Also females form a substantial part of the capitalism's exploited work-force.  They come out of their restricted spaces to the public to seek jobs for reasons varying from alleviating poverty, earn sustenance and educate children to maintain modern lifestyles. Some men have no qualm to leave the economic responsibility of families squarely on them while squandering their income solely on liquor.  Their  drunkenness, lack of skills on economic management and leadership are cutting sorry figures out of them not only in the rural but also in the urban, forward and the so called literate societies.  In Kerala, men queuing up in front of beverages corporations from as early as five in the morning is a unusual sight.  Among them, is the majority that looses their home ownership to religious mafias.

Things are falling apart truly; mens' traditional role is facing challenges from females and children and they find it very much disturbing. Instead of looking into themselves for solutions, they accuse globalism for interfering with their lives and identify females with globalism.  They behave like animals who lost territories; females and children they consider as territories and stick to tradition more vehemently as the last resort to redeem their machoism and oppressive powers.  So they control women in public spaces too through restricting their dress code, association, love-life, time-in and time-out.  At homes they are tortured physically, mentally and economically and the deterrents do not end there.  

Rape is the most versatile deterrent for the Indian men. They think whatever are  their own failures, rape can keep women in their places because of the indignity and the shame it inflicts on them. No women is women after rape; 'she is a living corpse'.  In that sense, the rapists are Indian heroes, they are also in the service to the nation in punishing the wayward females who show 'western' tendencies to the detriment of the nations 'high moral' standards.  It is reported that in the Delhi incident the six men ''came together and confronted the woman for being out late with a man''

In a wider sense, it is not only a man-problem or a women-problem but also of the government, of the  political parties, of the civic organizations and of the religious mafias; the religious mafias play their trump card in a double role; one as corporate capitalists, the other as corporate spiritualists.

Raping girls at homes by fathers, uncles, brothers, relatives and acquaintances are all in my understanding the kind of deterrents mentioned above.

So rape in my understanding has nothing to do with sex, but it is one way to punish the females in the globalism era who venture a social emancipation in the face of a failing manhood and a failing government.  



  1. Yes Prasanna ...we have to think beyond just coming up with punishments for the six accused . The call of the hour is instilling fear in the minds of all potential rapists.

  2. The majority among the vote-banks are the females who struggle hard to make both ends meet. The purpose of law and order that derives fodder from the corrupt rulers is to further keep the crowd away. But it is not only a man-problem or a women-problem but also of the government, of the political parties, of the civic organizations and i think the government should take action against this corrupt people who don`t know who to treat with a women .


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