‘Ruptures in Periyar’ : My entry for the Get Published contest’

‘Ruptures in Periyar’ : My entry for the Get Published contest’

The Idea: My story tells the love affair of a young Kerala girl. From childhood on, she has experienced life only in black and white; her conservative home for generations has maintained a closed worldview. Anyway, in that, her family is not alone. The vast majority in the land lives in the self-defined captivity of caste, colour, race, gender and region. Yet they are a people noted for their economic ambitions; the contemporary call of Globalism has augmented these.  The situation warrants the females to come out of their confined spaces.  My heroine in the story also did the same.  After education, she took up employment in a far away town. However, life there was nothing as she had expected it to be.  There the unthinkable happened, she fell in love with a man; with whose dreams she added up her own to have a massive one.  In the hues of that massive one were crumbled the long embedded black and white shades of her own.  Then what happened? 

What makes this story ‘real’?

The story projects the reality, the youths in Kerala come face to face in the contemporary economic empowerment era. The state has great records in economic developments but little in humanity, love is taboo there; those who dare to love are not taken kindly by any of the social -family, caste, religion- and State institutions.     

‘if you can see problems in the perspective of the other, it helps a lot in resolving them.  Problems are not resolved, because we cannot or are not willing to see it like that’.

 Shreya groped for words to respond.

‘These learners think that teaches are an insincere bunch. They might have thought you are also one among them.  I put my neck on the block to make them realise you are different.  That is why I said you should have talked to them’. 

She watched how words were borne by his mouth; they hastily moved into her head.  Their matrix formed new connections there; they embarrassed and at the same time enlightened her. 

She had never heard such words before; words that can instantly light up escapes from a maze of maddening darkness. It was not unnatural that the author of those words created an indelible mark in her; like a whirling current he sucked her in.
This is my entry for the HarperCollins–IndiBlogger Get Published contest, which is run with inputs from Yashodhara Lal and HarperCollins India.

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  2. Now people are more practical and economy oriented loves are increasing. Sometimes lovers are becoming victims as their fantasy dreams of love are not fulfilled in real life. Let all black and white life dream in colour where there is no discrimination on colour,caste,religion, social,political,economic condition etc.
    All the best in career of creative writing.

  3. Thanks beena

    Ya you made a point. lovers dreams are marred by caste, colour, religion and even regions. That is my story line.

  4. Nice Story...hope to see it published
    please have a look at my story "Sound of Love" set in Pondicherry during Tsunami disaster between a young French Girl and an Indian deaf and dumb fisherman.

  5. Congrats for being selected. Look forward to a great full fledged story. All The Best :)


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