The 'Just Married, Please Excuse' Contest

That was my first get-together party in a foreign land, just two weeks after I had joined my husband ,who had left me two weeks after our marriage. That knowing each other stage in an arranged marriage that turns butterflies in to your stomach at the turn of every event, most females reading this, I hope, are familiar with.  And on top of that was  the turmoil and the nervousness of how to make that first public appearance as an important person- until marriage a girl is unimportant in the Indian culture-  Now things are changing I know.  Says like, first appearance is the best appearance; in what you do for the first time is concealed the destiny of your entire life; if the first thing you see on a day is not auspicious you will be riddled with misfortunes for the entire day began to ring in my ears from nowhere.  Oh those crazy Indian concepts that are intended to saddle you to the tradition are amazing.

Girls, love with your brain too
 You see a man. He looks back at you, an instinctual attraction develops between the two. You wonder, who he is. He too wants to know, who you are, you asks for his phone number or e-mail or the other way round.  There starts a romantic communication between the two at the end of which he invites you for a meeting or you invite him. Everything happens so easily.  

For Shrien Diwany, days are closing in

It is time for an update on Ani Diwani's murder case about which I wrote a post  exactly one year ago in August 2011. 
The case in summary: A young Indian bride Anni Dewani's body was found in the morning of November 14, 2010, at Khayelitsha a township near Cape town in the vehicle she had boarded the previous evening with her husband Shrien Dewani on their honey moon trip to South Africa. The cas has sparked a huge public interest in South Africa as well as internationally.

Communication, Commitment and Connection- Love Marriage ya Arranged marriage

‘Transit passengers this way', a man in uniform  rerouted us to an elevator. I smiled on at the relief of getting over the usual transit course.  After two long steep elevators we were at the Customs.  Dubai Customs always try something new for the sake of security. That time the male passengers had to pull their belt and shoes for screening.  Naveen pulled a face, I could see him being uneasy. Jyothi was asked to drop her tiny pair of scissors into the airport waste bag.  No pleading from her made the stony faced lady officer change her mind.   

Ban of Triple Talaq in India and concerns over uniform civil code.

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