Pagan roots of Christian Weddings
Are our contemporary social customs and practices the exclusive creations of established religions'? To put it in another way, were our ancestors, in the pre-religious era primitive and uncivilized, that they followed no social customs and rituals?

Gillian Markson dig out the pagan traditions behind the modern church weddings.  

Pagans were people who lived in the outskirts of Rome when Romans got control of it.  Later, Romans were superseded by the Victorian and the Christian people.  In the modern Christian political tradition, Pagans are treated as the most 'primitive' and uncivilized.

The pagans weddings and marriage customs

A Pagan man and a woman, married in the presence of their family, friends, and gods(not religious gods of the present kind) promising to take care of each each other for ever.  Then their hands were bound together at the wrists in that they stayed for a few minutes.  That was called the 'hand-fast' ritual of the wedding.

Guests were asked to 'Bring Your Own' biscuits when invited for the wedding.  After the wedding, the biscuits were stalked, and the couple kissed over the stalk.  How high was the biscuit stalk determined how rich the couple were. Biscuits were then given to poor people.    

The couple lived a year and a day together after the wedding, after which they had decided either to stay on for the rest of their life or part, in that case each took back everything brought into marriage.  

Modern tiered wedding cake is a sophisticated form of the tiered biscuits.  

According to Markson, the history of dowry also started with the Pagans. It was in the form of animal, grain and other materials, which the girl's father gave to the father of the man who was willing to marry the girl. 

Christians dropped most of the pagan customs, as primitive and uncivilized, those accepted were given Christian origin.  So very little is now known about the pagan roots and their social history.   

It is seemingly in the racial politics of the modern history that such deliberate omissions happen. It boosts the modern religious ego for no reason. It takes away from the oncoming generations, the opportunity to know their true history which can make them humble and respectful to a people who lived in the past.  

 However, at present, dowry is no more a practice among Western Christians.  The couple have to earn themselves for their wedding expenses and for their living thereafter there after.  


  1. Well researched article on the subject. We are always pulling down anything old but if we went into the ancient customs we would find that we are going back to the same old customs and calling them 'modern.' Only we want the cake and eat it too.

  2. Zephyr,

    thanks a lot for the comment.

    I am talking about the deliberate neglect of anything old and pre-religious(in the modern sense of religion).

  3. a nice post to read... very informative on the origins...

  4. thanks a lot Dr. Roshan for reading my post and commenting :)

  5. very interesting

  6. I dont agree witn you.Christianity is acually a continuation of babylonian mysteries carried forward from ancient babylon assyria persia greece rome.Christianity has nothing to do with the true worship of Yahshua messiah which they call jesus christ but was not greek.Acts 11:23They called them Christians at antioch.This is because the greeks heard about Serapid christus and zeus christus a depiction of babylonian nimrod.Constantine a pagan Initiated Christianity into the roman empire from Egypt .They just took the bible and scripture as a guide for their people but sun moon idol worship still continues up to today.The jews in bible never prayed in church.The word church comes from kirk a scottish idol goddess.The wedding ring is a symbol of a serpent ourobourus .Bible people never married this way .The priest in church marry people started by catholics to make money.The wedding ceremony is pagan church is womb and the cross a phallic symbol of baal tammuz nimrod doors are female genitalia.The wedding veil is pagan and there is superstition about the bride being apart from bridegroom.In the roman empire everyone was pagan because only the jews were given the law.Celts germanics romans slavic egyptians carthiginians etc were all pagans.All the traditions of ancient babylon continue today and are a rejection of the bible.Christians celebrate xmas easter lent may day halloween etc all paganism.We now live in a commercial world and pagan customs good for business

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