Yamini-Genesh saga- another example for kerala men's insensitity to doemstic violence.

The issue is not whether Yamini Thankachi instigated a political uproar in the Kerala politics, a state ruled by the UDF, a Congress led ruling coalition of slim majority, but how men in Kerala, no matter, chief minister or ordinary minister, treat the issue of domestic violence.

Here is an NDTV report on the matter

Ms. Thankachi is a well educated lady, a doctor by profession, belongs to an upper class family.  As per her press conference, she has been allegedly a victim of domestic violence for the past 16 years, that is it started two years after she got married to the former Kerala Congress-B minister, K.B.

Genesh Kumar, son of another former minister R.Balakrishna Pilla. He is a film actor too. Ms.Kumar resigned on Monday 1 April, sending panic waves among the UDF ministers and politicians.

Omman Chandy is the Chief minister of the UDF.  As per Ms.Thankachi, she had approached Mr. Chandy out of her distress, and in the absence of a support figure in her life, to resolve the divorce between her and her husband amicably. Negotiations had taken place, settlements were arrived at, overseen by Mr. Chandy, which were waiting to be implemented by the 30 of March; but that was not implemented. Instead, Mr. Kumar went public a day after that complaining he had sustained physical assault from Ms. Thankachy. Immediately, she held a press conference, after which went straight to the Police station near her home and made a case of domestic violence against Mr. Kumar. She alleged in the press conference that she suffered cheating from Mr. Chandy too.

Here is Ms. Thakachy's press conference

If what Ms. Thankachy alleges is correct about Mr.Chandy, the question is, why did he do that? One possible explanation is that he placed his ruling coalition over the plea of a women. A women who went to him putting her trust in him to resolve her domestic violence issues, not only as a women, but also as the remaining part of her family that includes her two kids, two young boys. 

Not every women in Kerala have that privilege to make Mr.Chandy attend to her domestic violence issues, as Ms. Thankachy could. But if this is the treatment, she was afforded by the Chief minister, one can think about what would be the fate of millions of Kerala women suffering the same through out their life. Though Mr. Chandy is the front of the UDF, he is not making decisions on his own; the entire Congress coalition and its co-supporters, mostly the caste and religious minorities in Kerala are with him.

My appreciation goes to Ms. Thankachy, if what she says is correct, for her courage to go public, though at the last minute. It is not easy. I hope, she has become an inspiration to the Kerala women, who are going through similar situations.  Though the real victims of the situations are the children born out of these love less marriages.  Who think about them, if a Chief minister does not?