Yamini-Genesh saga- another example for kerala men's insensitity to doemstic violence.

The issue is not whether Yamini Thankachi instigated a political uproar in the Kerala politics, a state ruled by the UDF, a Congress led ruling coalition of slim majority, but how men in Kerala, no matter, chief minister or ordinary minister, treat the issue of domestic violence.

Here is an NDTV report on the matter

Ms. Thankachi is a well educated lady, a doctor by profession, belongs to an upper class family.  As per her press conference, she has been allegedly a victim of domestic violence for the past 16 years, that is it started two years after she got married to the former Kerala Congress-B minister, K.B.

India, South Africa and female gang rapes

On 16 December 2012 they struck in Delhi, on 1 February 2013, in Bredasdorp, a small town 200 KM away from Cape Town. Anene Booysan a teenager of 17, was found gang raped, body mutilated, disemboweled, throat slit, all fingers and both legs broken in the late hours of the day by a security guard on a construction site closer to her home. Though she was availed medical care immediately and transferred to three hospitals, by the afternoon of the next day, passed way after naming one of her assailants; her former boyfriend, Jonathan Davids, 23.

Sooryanelli-the flagitious sex-trade case in Kerala

 It is a ray of hope for the 32 year old Kerala female, the Supreme Court's decision to over-rule the 2005 Kerala High Court's judgement which acquitted 35 out of 36 men who used her for sex for 40 days, ferrying across to different places, at 16, when a high school student.  The decision came from an SC's fast track bench of justice A.K Patnayak and Njan Sudha Misra on 31January 2013. 

Life of an ordinary couple, husband a Post &Telegraph employee, now retired and sick and wife a nurse, sick too, who at the time of the incident lived in the highland district Idukki,Kerala, turned upside down when one day their younger daughter out of two, was kidnapped from her school's hostel, Little Flower Convent, Munnar, and found after 42 days ditched in a critical condition, sex organ lacerated, swollen and with abuse marks all over the body. She was abducted on January 16, 1996.

A Wedding - a relative's dilemma

The other day, a relative of mine phoned me to share his joy with me in getting his daughter engaged.  I used all words I knew to appreciate and congratulate him.  But I had to try hard that he should not know the air of apprehensions that leaped over my mind while I talked with him. A marriage in the family should have enthralled me, even if I could not attend it. Since it is happening very soon; I cannot avail leave to attend it. However, I cannot attend the wedding is not from where the apprehensions have leaped up.

Delhi Incident- Rape a Punishment for Female Emancipation?

[Delhi girl is top on the agenda in every thinking persons's mind, for the time being.  In the present mayhem of the happenings, no body thinks that by hanging the six culprits, India is made safe for its females.  If we need a permanent solution to the Indian rape phenomenon, we have to look for its causes. Without finding the causes one cannot find the solutions. This post is an attempt to look into the possible causes of the Indian rape phenomenon]

Ban of Triple Talaq in India and concerns over uniform civil code.

Image taken from : http://zululandobserver.co.za/afp/298557/india-ruling-highlights-disputed-muslim-instant-divorce India&...