A bloody honeymoon for an Indian bride in Cape Town, South Africa

Anni and Shrien Dewani were described 'a very sweet couple who looked very happy together' by the staff and the guests of Chitwa Chitwa an exclusive upmarket lodge at Sabi Sand Game Reserve, Mpumalanga where the couple stayed for two days from November 9 to 11, last year. On November 12 they flew to Cape Town. There at the International Airport Shrien hired driver Zola Tongo to chauffeur them to the luxury Cape Grace Hotel.

Next day Tongo took them to Gugulethu a township near Cape Town.  On their return back to the hotel late in the evening his vehicle, a VW Sharan, was high-jacked by two men. The high-jackers pushed first Tongo and then Shrien out of the vehicle and drove off. Next day the abandoned vehicle was found at Khayelitsha, another township near Cape town in which Anni's body was found shot at neck.

Indian parents who do not want girls

A friend of mine sent me two B.B.C links the other day. One is on India's increasing female foeticide by Dr.Sabu George and the other on West's role in it by Soutik Biswas.

'Slut Walk' India too is bracing for it

Picuture from Mathrubhumi
The main caption in the picture is telling it. 'Delhi is in rape crisis'.

In 'rape capital' Delhi, 330 cases in 4 months

Unsafe Capital: 212 rape cases in first five months

Gang leader arrested in Delhi rape case
Delhi govt mulls special courts for rape cases

In a single google search, I have managed these many top news on Delhi rape. Then you can imagine the ground reality and the feeling of insecurity the Delhi females are swamped with in and outside their homes.  The situation is so tyrannical that some of them do not feel safe even within the four walls of their homes.  

Love in Marriage?

How do you define love in Kerala/ Indian marriage?

Different people, I believe, will answer this question in different ways. However, an ideal answer might be: it is having a sense of belonging, closeness, care, responsibility, accountability, trust, care etc, between the couple.

Sumya's Murder-A thwarted Kerala public

Murder of Saumya raised more uproar than in any similar incidents in Kerala in the recent times because of its shock level.  An innocent and helpless female was subjected to the most brutal violation by a sexual predator who ended her life most tragically and prematurely was something the people could not contain.  One more family lost its breadwinner, its loving and caring daughter and a sister the eulogy went on. That the accused was a severely handicapped male, his left arm was chopped off, reminded that womanhood there is still a sign of weakness and a sex symbol no matter her emerging image as a family supporter and an economic entrepreneur.  

Was it a two-timing that went sour or a foul play by criminals?

I am thinking about the circumstances that led to the death of O.K.Indu, an NIT, Kozhikkode research student whose body was found  in the River Periyar, near Chengamanadu, Alwyaye, Kerala, on the fourth day she went missing from the first class compartment of the Manglore express train, in which she traveled on 24 April from Trivandrum her home town, as well as the capital of Kerala to Kaozhikkode.  An intense search for her missing body started next day on 25 April.

Wedding of the Century- The British Royal Wedding

'Wedding of the Century', that was how the wedding of prince William, the future king to Britain, with Kate Middleton, his long time love, was dubbed by America's Star magazine in May, last year.  The wedding then was a speculation, for everything around it was tagged and sealed under top secret by the British royalty. Magazine's another speculation was that the wedding would be a whooping ''$40 million extravaganza”.

Vedic weddings

 How did traditional Indians wed and live in marriage?  An intriguing question, that was, until I read rig-veda, a traditional Indian text.  It was a translation by O.M. C Narayanan Nampoothiri from Sanskrit to the tongue of Keralites, Malayalam.

Is westernisation causing problems in Indian weddings and marriage, and what is Indian culture?

This blog's introduction, I concluded with the question, what influence has western culture got on Indian weddings and marriage? 

That is whether westernization wields any negative impact on Indian weddings and marriage, that is, to instill restrictive behaviors in Indian men and women when it comes to choosing partners and once chosen, in damaging their relationship. Or does it influence Kerala youths to go immoral? From what I hear, so many people believe so, especially who think that globalism has exposed the east to the Western ways of thinking and man-woman relationship which they consider immoral.  Adding credence to this is their belief that Indian culture is superb, value-oriented, perfect and innocent.

Ban of Triple Talaq in India and concerns over uniform civil code.

Image taken from : http://zululandobserver.co.za/afp/298557/india-ruling-highlights-disputed-muslim-instant-divorce India&...